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Man Royale – Workout Voyeur – Devin Dixon & Colby Chambers

Man Royale - Workout Voyeur - Devin Dixon & Colby Chambers


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CockyBoys – Colby Keller & the Camera Man

Colby Keller & the Camera Man

Release Year: 2013

Genres: Bondage, Cumshot, Flashjack, Hairy, Interview, Masturbation, Muscles, Sex Toy, Solo

Colby Keller doesn't exactly play by the rules. With his anthropology degree and sex advice videos, you could call him a free-thinking intellectual that beats his own path... as well as others' asses. He considers himself "mostly a top" (just ask Anthony Romero), but has always fantasized about being tied up and taken advantage of. With his brains, his aggressive and flirty personality, and huge cock, Colby is one guy that attracts all kinds of men.

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CockyBoys – Colby Keller & Anthony Romero

CockyBoys - Colby Keller & Anthony Romero



MEN – Colby Keller & Jessie Colter – E-male

MEN - Colby Keller & Jessie Colter - E-male


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CockSureMen – Samuel Colt & Colby Keller (Flip-Flop)

CockSureMen - Samuel Colt & Colby Keller (Flip-Flop)


VideoBoys – Hayden Colby & Ashton Hardwell

Hayden Colby & Ashton Hardwell

Studio: VideoBoys

In real life Hayden Colby and Ashton Hardwell are good friends and move in the same social circles. They really have no romantic feelings towards each other but often, after a night at the clubs, if they are feeling horny (and they are always feeling horny) they'll go home and fuck together, no strings attached.


VideoBoys – Hayden Colby & Brandon Jones

Hayden Colby & Brandon Jones

Studio: VideoBoys

After Brandon Jones' dildo scene on Videoboys, we asked him who he might like to do a duo with. "Well I've already fucked with Hayden Colby and it was REEEALLY good," he told us. So we decided it would be fun to see them recreate that earlier magic and naturally they both had no objection.

From the moment these two started into the foreplay it was obvious that they really knew what they were doing. Both Brandon and Hayden are very experienced in the ways of love and putting them together is like putting two great pianists together in a room and telling them to improvise something. These two are virtuosos of sex and in this scene they made beautiful music, beautiful LOUD music, together. The banging got so loud at one point we got some complaints from the downstairs neighbor. But no complaints from Brandon and Hayden. Both left the scene extremely satisfied.


VideoBoys – Hayden Colby & Isaac Waite

Hayden Colby & Isaac Waite

Studio: VideoBoys

By popular demand Videoboys presents Hayden Colby with Isaac Waite. This duo was arranged as a result of an email campaign from their respective fans. It was uncanny how many people really thought these two would look great together, with their sculpted pecs and perky asses. Luckily for us, both Isaac and Hayden felt the same about each other when they met the day before the scene. So we just had to throw them together in a room and let them do what comes naturally.

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