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BreedMeRaw – Matt Sizemore & Tober Brandt

BreedMeRaw - Matt Sizemore & Tober Brandt (Bareback)



He who has the biggest weenie does the fucking. Well, hands down it was Matt Sizemore. Mind you Tober Brandt didn’t complain one bit! This man gladly got on his knees and starting deep throating that fucker and gagging but he took it all. Matt loved watching his plump 9a rod go into that manly face while Tober’s hairy booty begged for some bareback action. Matt threw Tober on his stomach so he could lick that shaggy hole and get it all soaked and moist so this dude could just slide his daddy ramrod into his hole bareback right down to the base and make Tober squirm cause it was so thick at the base and it fucking stretched his curly hole wide! We know how this is going to end!


Tim Tales – Lucio Saints and David Avila

[Tim Tales] Lucio Saints and David Avila


Lucio Saints and David Avila, definitely a perfect match.

Lucio is a powerful Hardfucker, very passionate, incredible Stamina, unlimited Sexdrive. Just the kind of man David needs. David likes to be taken by someone who is strong enough to take care of a muscleguy like him.


Breed Me Raw – Tomm Black And Ben Reed

Tomm Black And Ben Reed

Release Year: 2012

Studio: Breed Me Raw

Cast: Tomm Black and Ben Reed

Video language: English

Tomm Black was horny after the gym so called his slut fuck buddy Ben Reed over to get him to service his horny cock. Ben did not waste any time getting over and stripping down to get on his knees and start servicing Tomm’s man meat. But it didn’t take long to get Ben on his back and have Tomm start shoving his fingers in Ben’s slut hole to get him to shoot his huge load. Tomm then shoved his bare cock in that slut hole and power fucked that slut like he loves it and didn’t stop until he bred that man slut again before he sent his way with his load in his ass!

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BreedMeRaw – Justin Jameson (Travis Turner) and Danny Lopez

Justin Jameson (Travis Turner) and Danny Lopez

Studio: BreedMeRaw

Cast: Justin Jameson (Travis Turner) and Danny Lopez

Genres: safe-sex/bareback, oral, anal, cumshots, muscle

Video language: English

We’ve known people who fuck so hard, and so deep, the condom they were using either got loose and slipped off or broke. We’ll leave you to ponder that, if you will, and enjoy whatever titillating thoughts you’re having. All we know is that Justin Jameson, a.k.a. Travis Turner, is back. He’s bigger, badder, and beefier than he was. In fact, he’s downright a bruiser type, despite his friendly demeanor. Besides, when it comes to sex it’s the attitude that counts and he gives it to Danny Lopez in waves. Then again, what with Danny’s incredibly meaty ass, a guy like Justin’s bound to do whatever it takes to bury himself balls deep in that raw hole. Yeah, Justin fucks Danny’s face but it’s the hole he wants and, after slipping on the rubber, pounds the ever loving hell out of that deep fuckhole until the condom breaks. Yeah.


FratmenTV – Micky Handheld

Micky Handheld

Studio: Fratmen

Cast: Micky Handheld

Genres: Solo, Masturbaion, Cumshot, Muscle

Video language: English

For connoisseurs of relief and muscular men! Another hunk from Fratmen studio will not leave you indifferent!

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DylanLucas – Lance Alexanders

DL-Lance Alexanders

Video language: English

Lance Alexander is one of the most unique guys I have ever seen! I was in Arizona for business when I first spotted him in the gym, pumping iron. My workout was completely ruined! I couldn’t concentrate. He’s tall with an amazing swimmers build and gorgeous face. I knew I had to shoot this guy so I walked over and introduced myself and offered him a job. Lance was by far the shyest man I had ever met but those days are long gone. I built up his confidence by showing him how amazing he looks in front of the camera and at the same time building a great friendship! He’s such a natural, and an amazing bottom! Don’t be deceived by his good looks either, Lance is a very smart guy. He loves to play water polo and computer games but more than anything Lance wants to get fucked and have fun!


EricVideos – Italo is getting loaded by Rocco XXL and Nico

Italo is getting loaded by Rocco XXL and Nico

Release Year: 2012

Studio: EricVideos

Cast: Rocco XXL, Nico, Italo Gang.

Genres: Anal Sex, Bareback, Blowjob, Cumshots, Deep Throat, Facial, Hairy, Outdoor, Threesome, Tattoos.

Video language: English

Rocco XXL is back, cruising around, stumbling upon two guys fucking.
The Sicilian stallion joins in and a hot party ensue !
The beautiful and sexy Italo gets his ass and mouth plowed mercilessly by the two studs Rocco and Olivio, who end up loading him up copiously !


Scandalistic Pictures – White Trash and Black Thugs

White Trash and Black Thugs

Release Year: 2007

Cast: Christian Hunt Texas (m) Samuel Masters Benny Solners Andre Ian Cody Alexander Paige

Genres: Black Interracial Muscles Anal Thug Safe Sex

Description: When your list of things to do, places to go, and people to meet is way short...and at best includes watch TV 'n drink beer, stay home in the trailer, hook up with your welfare know you're at the bottom of the social heap. But that don't stop no horny white trash gay boy or any of his brutha siree Bob! Catch 'em hangin' out (dicks too) and screwin' around sucking dick and fuckin' tight bottom ass. Now that's a dang good time ya'll!

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William Higgins – Rado Smutny and Jakub Nakuda

Rado Smutny and Jakub Nakuda

Release Year: 2012

Studio: William Higgins

Genres: Anal/Oral sex, Bareback, Big Dick, Blow Job, 69, Rimming, Cumshots,

Jakub Nakuda is a real good looking guy, we find him sitting on the sofa in his underwear.
His cock is hard and he takes it out and starts to wank it. As he is wanking Rado Smutny appears, again in just his underwear.
He leans over and kisses Jakub and reaches down to feel his cock. Rado then straddles the back of the sofa and Jakub feels him in his undies,
pulling his cock and out sucking on it. He really works his mouth all over Rado's big, hard cock and then they get into a hot 69.

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UKNakedMen – Billy Baval & Brandon Jones

Billy Baval & Brandon Jones

Release Year: 2012

Studio: UKNakedMen

Genres: Anal Sex, Ass Play, Blowjob, Cumshots, Dildos, Kissing, Latinos, Muscles, Masturbation, Rimming, Sex Toys, Tattoos.

I've never known a bottom like Brandon Jones, he takes toys, thrust with gusto and twisted around in his arse and then he takes a stiff, uncut dick, and this handsome lad begs for me. His whole arse is an insatiable Gpot as Billy Baval discovered. The handsome young lads, fucked, sucked, dildoed and rimmed like demons, in every position imaginable, before unloading all over each other in spine spasming climaxes.

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