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The Guy Site – Marcello, Bruiser, Aston, Mario & Jackson Gunn

Marcello, Bruiser, Aston,Mario & Jackson Gunn - Party at Aston and Mario's

This one is quite a fantasy. What would a party with 5 guys, over 1,000 pounds of beef in all, with all of them buck naked the whole time be like? Well, everyone has a good time. There's beer pong, twister, and, it finishes with a circle jerk and a nice shower to clean up.

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TheGuySite – TGS336 – Jackson Gunn – Big Ex-Marine

TGS336 - Jackson Gunn - Big Ex-Marine

Studio: TheGuySite

Jackson Gunn is a competitive body builder. When this movie was made, he was in off season mode building his body up before dieting down for definition. Watch this huge ex marine work up his big ol' dick for your viewing pleasure.

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TheGuySite – TGS333 – Bob & Brian

TheGuySite - TGS333 - Bob & Brian



TheGuySite – Cain and Brad Flip Flop Fuck

TheGuySite - Cain and Brad Flip Flop Fuck


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TheGuySite – Marcello & Vince – TGS

TheGuySite - Marcello & Vince - TGS


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The Guy Site – Allen

The Guy Site - Allen


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The guy site – Marcello and Vince (That’s a Fine Animal)

Marcello and Vince (That's a Fine Animal)

Vince likes bears as well as other types of men. When Marcello came out the shower, Vince took one look at him and said "that's a fine animal." For his part, Marcello swears I'm setting him up with a bigger dicked man each time. They're both very proud of their Italian heritage and it adds to the chemistry between them that they like each other that much more.

Format: Windows Media

Duration: 19:55

Video: 1324x744, Windows Media Video 9, 1464kbps

Audio: 429kbps


TheGuySite – Jordan TGS312

TheGuySite - Jordan TGS312


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