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G@mes – Asyura 3

G@mes - Asyura 3



Wild G@mes – Virtual Date Vol.7 Disc1of2

Virtual Date Vol.7 Disc1of2

Release Year: 2006

Studio: Wild G@mes

Genres: Asian, Twinks

Virtual Series Vol.7
You will become the hero, please enjoy a date with Tatsuya!
Tatsuya is back!
Tatsuya popular model is back for the first time in a year!
Date at the aquarium and also good observatory also good to pretend SM "and Tatsuya model" and "junior Tatsuya"!
Tatsuya is going to be indecent, depending on your choice!


Gay Japan – [g@mes] Extremely Top 3

Gay Japan - [g@mes] Extremely Top 3